Fowley,s Falls .


Fowley,s  Falls  are  found  at  Rossinver  , Co.  Leitrim  .  The   Glenanniff  river  cascades  down  from  the  mountains  above  Rossinver  to  flow  into  Lough  Melvin  . On  it,s  journey  the  river  has  eroded  the  limestone  rock  to  form  a  series  of  waterfalls.

The  falls  are  easily  accessed  by  a mile  long  walkway  which  follows  the  river  valley . The  renowned  Organic  Centre  is  located  just  a  few  miles  up  the  road.

Fowley,s Falls. Rossinver. Co. Leitrim

Fowley,s Falls . Rossinver. Co. Leitrim

Fowley,s Falls. Rossinver. Co. Leitrim

Waterfalls at Glencar, Co. Leitrim


Sruth In Aghaidh An Aird
Sruth In Aghaidh An Aird

Stream Against The Slope

Having photographed Glencar Waterfall many times over the years I decided to be a bit more adventureous and try to photograph its much higher neighbour which is only clearly visible after heavy rainfall. Its name in Irish ” Sruth in aghaidh an aird ” translates as ” Stream against the slope ” . It took me about an hour to hike up to the face of the mountain but it was well worth it. An incredible sight reminiscent of Yellowstone National Park or somewhere far away and exotic. A well kept secret. If it was easily accessible from the road it could be enjoyed by all.


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