Situated about 4 kilometres south of Blacklion, County Cavan lies the townland of Burren, it is a mountainous limestone area similar to the more famous Burren in County Clare. Burren comes from Gaelic word ‘Boireann’ meaning stony place. Recently there have been a number of surveys carried out in the Burren and Marlbank areas.

There is also now a wonderful megalithic trail through the forest, this trail is well signposted. Along the walking trail are an amazing variety of megalithic tombs, glacial erratics, hut sites, newly discovered rock art and even a promontory fort.

The  Burren  Forest   was  planted  in  the  1950s  with  a  mix  of  Sitka  Spruce  and  Lodgepole  Pine with  little  consideration  for  the  history  and  heritage  of  the  area. However  the  forest  may  have  helped  to  preserve  this  unique  area  as  no  land  reclamation  took  place  since  then.

I  had  visited  once  before  but  without  my  camera  which  sometimes  helps  because  you  can  get  a  good  feel  for  the  location  without  thinking  about  exposure  settings  etc  plus  no  camera  bag  digging  into  your  shoulders.

This  time  round  it  was  grey  and  overcast  without  a  stir  of  air  and  I had the  forest  to  myself  during  my  3  hour  visit . It  was  a  little  “atmospheric” at  times  in  some  of  the  darker  shaded  parts  of  the  forest  but  fortunately  I  had  never  watched  the  Blair Witch Project  so  I  could  concentrate  on  the  shots  I  wanted  to  get.

I,ts  a  fascinating  place  to  visit  and  a great  excuse  to  be  out  and  about. Easy  to  find  and  signposted  on  the  road  between  Glangevlin  and  Blacklion.

Giants  Leap  Wedge  Tomb

Giants Leap Wedge Tomb

Giants  Leap  Wedge  Tomb

Giants Leap Wedge Tomb

The  Calf  House

The Calf House

The  Calf  House  Dolmen

The Calf House Dolmen

Rocking  Stone

Rocking Stone

The  Druids  Chair
The Druids Chair

, the details, facts, and explanations that.
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  1. Nice images….of this archaeologically rich area of Marble Arch Caves Geopark. Thanks.

    anna keleher, August 18, 2010
  2. The Burren forest looks great…thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Murray, October 10, 2010
  3. Photos are lovely
    Just to be pedantic (I lived near here as a child and often guided strangers to the Giants Grave and the Giants Leap) the wedge tomb is the Giants Grave …the Giants Leap is the leap across the gorge. Also the Rocking Stone does not look like itself. It is not now in open country but maybe that was the angle you got for your shot.

    rose mc govern, December 1, 2010

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